Axel Pittet

Marketing & Communication

Passionate by his work, Axel is a true globetrotter who has traveled far and wide, always  looking for new challenges to undertake. He believes that understanding the complexity of our ever-evolving world allows us to give, not only a deeper meaning to our lives, but also greater depth to our actions. This dynamic and elaborate vision, which he developed with his team many years ago, has been used on many different projects belonging to prestigious clients.


Axel’s pure talent and substantial knowledge in marketing and communication techniques, alongside his professional expertise, have allowed him to lead numerous projects with very different approaches. These experiences have given him the ability to adapt to each client and to offer them a way to build their own vision of “tomorrow” with confidence.

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Tom Bouyer

Film Director & CEO

Adventurous at heart, Tom travels the world with one sole intention: to create unique films and photographs capable of transmitting what words simply cannot describe. Audacious by nature, he has traveled from Iceland to Yosemite, passing through the Great Barrier Reef and Peruvian mountain ranges, constantly searching for original projects to collaborate on. His primary aim is to create authentic media content, for he considers it to be the key to transforming the simplest of ideas into a full-body experience for the viewer.

Idealistic since a young age, he became an entrepreneur at the age of 24 and founded his own media company. His creativity and beliefs represent the backbone to his sensitivity and expertise as a filmmaker and photographer. Besides rejoicing in being part of projects that allow his mind to take flight, he also enjoys, above all, being a part of the stories that add a deeper meaning to our existence as human beings.

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Mariana Jáuregui

PR & Operations

Bold by nature, Mariana sees no limits or boundaries stopping us from creating new ways to add more meaning to the world we live in. In her eyes, there's only one investment in life that supersedes all others: investing in people. She's a firm believer that everyone has a unique vision of the world that is worth discovering as to enrich our own.


Strong-willed and fearless since a young age,  she decided to undertake a Bachelor's degree in ecology in France after completing her high school education in México. She then pursued a Master's degree which opened her eyes to the importance of scientific communication techniques, and their significant impact on human relations. 


Her academic achievements and diplomas, alongside her previous professional experiences in the tourism industry, have given her a set of unique tools that allow her to build successful business relationships with clients looking for one-of-a-kind results.

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